Commonly, when preparing a tea or infusion, we discard the bags that contain the flavors that we like the most. But... Did you know that when you discard the bag, are you wasting other uses ? We present some simple and novel variants to reuse tea bags

The first that comes to mind may be related to another hot cup. Can reuse tea bags for one second round, but logically it will lose flavor and strength. Beyond this alternative use, there are other very interesting ones. Keep reading!

Bags, flavors and aromas of a good tea.
  • Use bags of chamomile tea in his puffy eyes. Hot or cold tea bags can help refresh your eyes, whether they are sore, tired, or puffy.
  • Reduces plantar warts. Plantar warts can be treated with tea bags thanks to the tannin it contains. On the affected area, place a warm, moist tea bag for 10-20 minutes and then let it dry naturally. If you repeat this for a couple of days, hopefully the wart will go away.
  • Facial treatment with tea. Place a brewed tea bag in a bowl of hot water. Next, position your head over the bowl and place a towel over your head to keep the steam inside. It will leave your face glowing and radiant!
  • Various reliefs for the skin by applying a wet tea bag. If you are suffering from sunburn, a bruise, bites, or a cold sore, you can place a moist tea bag on the area, and it will help soothe the bad sensations.
The varieties of Happy-Lab to reuse tea bags.
  • If you have a big, dirty, greasy plate that seems impossible to clean, leave it overnight with hot water and a few tea bags. They will help break down fat.
  • Clean dark leather shoes by rubbing a wet, prepared tea bag over the surface of the shoe.
  • You can use tea to add shine and softness to your hair! To restore shine to your hair, use a couple of used bags to brew a strong tea (press it to the max), then let the tea cool completely. Before showering, pour the tea over your hair until completely damp. Let the tea steep for about 10 minutes, then soak in the shower. Wash and condition your hair as usual. Your hair will thank you for the tea treatment!
Properties 100% natural in each bag of Happy-Lab.
  • Control refrigerator odors with tea bags. Put some used tea bags in a bowl and place them inside a smelly fridge. Let steep overnight, remove the tea bags, and you'll find the ugly aromas are gone.

Finally, we leave you another variants with an artistic touch.

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