Do you feel bloated like a balloon and your belly hurts? Do you usually feel like this after meals? Gases are an evil that affects, at some point, almost the entire population. They are normally produced by the movement of the stomach and intestines, and can be quite annoying. Although they are normally associated with the digestive process, these can appear at any time of the day, causing pain to those who suffer from them. To alleviate these symptoms, we tell you what are the best infusions for gases.

Taking an infusion after each meal can help you control and eliminate the gases that may appear in your day to day life. There are very good infusions that will help you digest more easily and eliminate the annoying feeling of gases. Let's see which ones!


Plants are a wonderful natural remedy for many ailments. Feeling swollen belly after meals is much more common than it seems. However, it is also very annoying. Therefore, we leave you a list with the best infusions for gases. You will see how now you begin to feel much lighter.

  • Chamomile with anise. The chamomile It is the infusion remedy for everything related to the stomach. When you feel bad and your stomach hurts, taking an infusion of chamomile will help you feel better. This ingredient reduces stomach inflammation and helps make digestion easier. But, if in addition to taking an infusion of chamomile alone, you combine it with anise, you will get one of the best infusions to treat gases. Taking a cup of chamomile with anise after meals will help reduce stomach problems and bloating caused by gas.
  • ginger . Another of the great medicinal plants used to calm stomach problems is ginger. It is a great ally for light digestions. It has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Helps relieve symptoms of heavy and upset digestion. Combined with lemon juice, it enhances the benefits, giving you well-being and peace of mind. In a short time you will feel that your digestions are calmer and with less flatulence. Take one ginger infusion with lemon before meals to help digest food.
  • Fennel infusion . If you feel too heavy when you finish eating, preparing an infusion with fennel will help you feel better. Fennel is a plant with great medicinal benefits, so it can be a really good option to avoid gas. At HappyLab, our infusion Happy Stomach it has fennel and apple, two very good ingredients to make your digestion lighter and reduce the feeling of heaviness.


  • Cinnamon . If you are passionate about sweet flavors, you are in luck! You should know that cinnamon is a very good ingredient to fight against gas and eliminate heavy digestion. Plus, it's delicious! The Yin Red Yang infusion It will help you calm possible stomach spasms and eliminate gas. This infusion has a delicious peculiar flavor thanks to the combination of flavors. Its ingredients are: apple, cinnamon, pineapple, papaya, cinnamon aroma and passion fruit aroma. Quite a delight!
  • Pennyroyal mint . The infusions of mint-pennyroyal They are one of the most effective for fighting gases. In addition, it has a very special flavor. It is also very good for relieving nausea, colic and a heavy stomach.
    Use it after heavy meals and you will quickly feel relief.

To avoid gas buildup, it's also highly recommended that you eat slowly, chew your food well, and drink water throughout the day, but not at meals.

If you decide to take an infusion for gases after meals, you will feel a quick relief In your day to day.

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