It is stress, poor eating habits, excessive worry or drinking stimulating drinks can be the reason why many people find it difficult to fall asleep. If you find yourself in this situation, whatever the cause, the sleeping teas will help you relax and rest better.

Sleeping poorly is a problem that we have all experienced at some point. The bad thing is that the next day you have to continue with the routine: work, gym, children, cooking... If you have had a bad night, it is possible that the day will be much longer and uphill. There are many plants that have relaxing qualities and, therefore, taking them as an infusion will help you put yourself in "off mode". To help you, we tell you what are the best infusions to sleep. Stand up to insomnia!


A bad rest can be very negative to be able to face the day to day. That is why, since ancient times, natural remedies have been widely used to help you fall asleep. Exercising regularly, eating healthy or avoiding excessive worry are factors that directly influence the quality of sleep. If you have decided to give your body extra help, infusions to sleep can become your best ally.

  • Chamomile . It seems that chamomile is the natural remedy for everything. And it is one of the infusions with the greatest benefits for the body. Its properties make it the perfect infusion to achieve relaxation , avoid stress and forget about worries. It will make your body relax and, therefore, you will fall asleep better. At Happy-Lab we have the Ommm infusion, which has chamomile and lemon balm, perfect to help you relax and sleep better.
  • tila . Another of the allied herbs to get to sleep is the linden. Although it is known for its relaxing ability, its effect will make you sleep better. It is widely used to calm the nerves and stress that we may have in the face of an exam or a complicated situation. In addition to being a good infusion to sleep, it also has many benefits for the body.


  • Passionflower . Although this plant is used to treat problems such as anxiety or hypertension, passionflower also has effective properties for falling asleep. In the ummm infusion, You will find that it has chamomile, lemon balm and passionflower, three perfect components to relax your body and help your body lower stress and get a better rest.
  • Mint . Perhaps one of the great unknowns when we talk about relaxing infusions is mint. Peppermint helps the body feel refreshed, thus flushing out toxins and remove the accumulated stress. Therefore, take a mint infusion It will help you relax and, with it, you will be able to sleep much better.


If you are going through a complicated time and you have trouble falling asleep, taking infusions is the help you need to relax the body and fall asleep better. Combine relaxing infusions with a balanced diet and eliminate everything that can cause you moments of stress.

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