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Pauline's macarons | Assorted box 108 g.

Pauline's macarons | Assorted box 108 g.

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Pauline's Macarons Variety Box: Strawberry, Pistachio and Chocolate

Delicious, pretty and light: this classic delicacy of French cuisine is famous all over the world. The macaron or macaroon is a type of traditional cookie of the Gastronomy of France and Italy made of egg white, ground almonds, icing sugar and sugar.

The delicious almond meringue cookies are available in fun colors, different flavors and with a deliciously crunchy and tender texture.

Each macaron brings the spirit of Parisian sophistication directly to your palate.

Delicious and beautiful colored macarons to give away, complement your sweet tables or simply to enjoy!

Box of assorted Chocolate - Strawberry - Pistachio macarons.

We have several formats and flavors.


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