Drink the tea with or without sugar it may be a frequently asked question. What effects does it have? Is it bad for health?

That moment of the day when we enjoy a cup of tea is usually the relaxation time. Where we try to somehow clear all the problems and reconnect with our favorite flavor and aroma bathed in a cup.

Teas are a world full of curiosities.

Many people doubt whether or not it is correct to put sugar in tea. The reality is that it is not an inconvenience to add sugar. There is no rule that states that the tea must be drunk in one way or another.

By sweetening the drink, we will be increasing our body's intake of calories and carbohydrates that come from sugar, although at the end of the day, what matters is that you can enjoy the tea according to your preferences. The tea will not lose its properties, but logically, you will taste it sweeter.

You can try the different proposals that Happy-Lab has for you, and drink the teas with or without sugar.

Sweeten in various ways

Drinking tea with or without sugar is something that will depend on your tastes. Perhaps the best known type of sugar is refined, although due to all the processes that it entails from its extraction from the cane, it loses many properties, so its consumption is not as recommended.

  • Brown sugar: It also comes from sugar cane, although it retains some nutrients, since its refining process is less than the classic white sugar.
  • Sucralose: The great advantage of this product is that the sweetening power is much greater than sugar, so adding a few amounts will be enough to sweeten. It is a calorie-free product, so it is recommended if you follow a low-calorie diet.
  • Stevia: This type of sweetener it does not alter blood glucose levels , making it safe for people with diabetes. But… don't overdo it, because if you add too much, it could cause a somewhat bitter taste in the drink.
If you are a sweet person, you can accompany the tea with some biscuits, instead of adding sugar to the tea.

Try varieties of teas

The taste of certain teas can influence when sweetening them or not. We recommend some great tasting ones:

  • Red tea Red Power: Mainly purifying and energetic . The true power of red tea, made up of rose petals, papaya and red berries.
  • White tea White Delight: Ideal to consume it in the mornings and afternoons. A exotic mix apple, cinnamon, orange, hibiscus, mint, sunflower petals, rose petals, vanilla aroma and jasmine petals.
  • black tea 100% British: The typical english breakfast . With energetic and astringent properties. You can try it in its different varieties of packaging, 14 pyramid pots or in its version eco, with 8 biodegradable pyramids.
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